Maya Intermediate Surface Materials

Video Overview

Maya Intermediate Surface Materials unlocks the secrets of the Hypershade by taking artists through a series of in-depth lessons that focus on creating shading networks in Maya by connecting render nodes in the Hypershade. This video features crystal clear 1080p high definition video.

Visual effects artists, Andrew Hazelden and Russell Hazelden, share workflow techniques that will save you time and help you work more efficiently when using the Hypershade in Maya. Essential topics include: understanding shading groups, linking render nodes using the connection editor, graphing shading networks, working with file textures, assigning materials to objects, exploring the use of both 2D and 3D procedural textures, and using the IPR Renderer to preview the look of shading networks in real time.

Discover how to combine file textures to create a realistic tree leaf by using a technique called stencil mapping. Learn how to add surface relief to models with bump and displacement maps. No steps are left out and every detail is explained with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Advanced topics include: converting a displacement map to a polygon surface, fine tuning feature displacement, and working with alpha gain and alpha offset values to control the depth and scale of displacement mapped surfaces.

Maya Intermediate Surface Materials is a comprehensive guide to using the Hypershade that no artist should be without!

Topics Include
    • Creating Shading Networks in the Hypershade
    • Using the Connection Editor
    • Graphing Shading Networks
    • Shading Groups
    • Assigning Materials to Objects
    • Using File Texture Nodes
    • IPR Rendering
    • Working with Specular Highlights
    • Specular Maps
    • Transparency Maps
    • Bump Maps
    • Displacement Maps
    • Fine Tuning Feature Displacement
    • NURBS Surface Tessellation
    • Combining Bump and Displacement Maps
    • Convert Displacement to Polygons
    • Alpha Gain
    • Alpha Offset
    • Stencil Mapping Techniques
    • Using the Color Chooser
    • 2D Texture Placement Node
    • 3D Texture Placement Node
    • Sharing Texture Placement Nodes
    • Solid Fractal Node
    • Ramp Node
    • Checker Node
    • Leather Node
    • Blend Colors Node
    • Exporting a Shading Network
    • Viewing Alpha Channels
    • Using the Resolution Gate
Project Files
Maya project files are included with this video. You will require Maya 2013 or newer to open the Maya scene files.
License Terms

The single user license allows the use of this training video on a single computer. The project files and assets included with the video can be used in commercial projects.

The models and textures included with this video cannot be resold on stock model sites or used to create derivative training videos.

  • Delivery Format: Download
  • Duration: 55 Minutes
  • Download Size: 297 MB
  • Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Video Format: QuickTime H.264 MOV